Sunday, November 15, 2009

Elephants with Ornaments (Nettipattam), accompanied by Panchavadyam

This happens in God's own Country, Kerala, India. The Hindu Gods (usually a symbol called ‘Thidambu’, which has the power and goodness of the God) visits the neighborhood. A group of elephants are used for this purpose and the biggest elephant in the group is the chosen one to carry the God. These elephants are decorated with gold coated (Some times made of Gold) ornaments called "Nettipattam". They are accompanied by an orchestra consisting of traditional instruments which is named as "Panchavadyam". The same is also done when there is an important ceremony in the temple. Below are few snaps on these.

For more information, search for Thrissur pooram on the web, which is the biggest among these.


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